Investing in Public Health Care for Canadians


Investing in Public Health Care for Canadians

Canadians place a lot of trust in our universal public health care system, but for too many, the system hasn’t been living up to expectations. Justin Trudeau and our Liberal team are committed to meeting this moment and delivering a better public health care system that works for all Canadians.

That means:

  • Reducing wait lists
  • Ensuring Canadians have access to a family doctor or nurse practitioner
  • Making mental health services and substance use supports more accessible
  • Supporting our health care workers
  • Modernizing our health care system

Here’s how we’ll work with the provinces and territories to get it done:

Helping Canadians get access to the health care services they need

Whether it’s seeing your family doctor or getting a visit from your nurse, primary care services should be the first point of contact for Canadians – not busy emergency rooms.

That’s why our Liberal plan will invest to help get Canadians the essential family health care services they need.

Supporting our health care workers

Health care workers have given their all for Canadians during these past few years, yet many of these health care heroes have been overworked, underpaid, and have struggled with burnout. When they don’t have the resources it takes to do their jobs, everyone suffers – including patients on growing waiting lists.

That’s why our Liberal plan will reduce wait times by investing in health care worker recruitment and retention, and we will increase wages for personal support workers and related health care professionals.

Investing in mental health and addictions services

One in three Canadians are struggling with their mental health, yet everyday, many Canadians are bravely putting their hands up and asking for help. We need a system that can respond and help people, when and where they need it.

That’s why our Liberal plan will invest to provide greater access to mental health services, reduce substance use harms, and lower the stigma around mental healthacross the country.

Modernizing our health care system

Canadians deserve a modern health care system that is well connected – no matter where they live. They should easily be able to access their own health information and benefit from it being shared between health workers, across health settings, and across different provinces and territories.

That’s why our Liberal plan will move forward to modernize the health care system with standardized information and digital tools. It will also ask provinces and territories to adopt common standards and policies related to health data.

“When it comes to health care, we need to make sure to look out for everyone, and leave out no one. We’re taking action today, so Canadians can continue to have trust in our public system.”– Justin Trudeau

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