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Investing in your health is just as important as investing in other areas of your life, such as your financial future or education. In fact, some might argue that making positive changes to improve your health and wellbeing may be one of the easiest investments you can make – no financial planner needed. This is something that Dr. Janna Monahan is hoping to address with help from the team she has assembled at Complete Mobility Chiropractic.

Together with her team, Dr. Monahan is spreading the word on the importance of investing in your health. She has seen first-hand the impact it can have of her patients’ quality of life. “I see significant improvement in my patients, both physically and mentally, when they take the time to attend regular appointments with either myself or my colleagues.”

“At Complete Mobility Chiropractic, maintenance care is whatever someone needs, whether it’s biweekly care or four times per year,” said Dr. Monahan, owner of the new Burlington Clinic on Lakeshore Road. “We don’t expect people to sign up for weekly sessions for the next 12 months. The same way someone might book a hair appointment or go to a yoga class, going for occasional maintenance care should be part of everyone’s self-care schedule. We want our patients to get better and then stay feeling great. It’s as simple as that.”

Dr. Monahan established the clinic with the goal of creating a, convenient location that provides multiple, collaborative healthcare services to the surrounding community. In addition to offering her professional chiropractic services, Dr. Monahan has built a team that includes another Chiropractor, Homeopath and Reflexologist, Registered Massage Therapist, Naturopath and Rapid Relief Coach. She said she is also hoping to add an Osteopath and a Physiotherapist in the near future.

“Complete Mobility Chiropractic acts as a single resource for multiple aspects of healthcare and wellbeing,” she said. “Rather than going to three or four different places, I have assembled a team of highly skilled and trustworthy practitioners. So when I tell my patient that I know an excellent Massage Therapist or Homeopath from whom I think they would benefit, my patient can expect the same level of caring and investment in their treatment that they have come to expect when they see me. We all work under the same umbrella of ideals at CMC: evidence-based practice, patient-centred care and a true and caring investment in the entire wellbeing of our patients.”

Investing in your own personal health and well-being is critical in these times of high stress, mental health challenges, and sedentary work-from-home or computer-based jobs. Dr. Monahan suggests a simple first step is to come into the clinic for an introductory assessment.

“Initial chiropractic assessments can take up to one hour, which allows us to get an in-depth picture of the patient’s current state of health and form an individualized, targeted treatment plan to help them recover. And of course that first appointment also includes their first treatment.”

For those individuals still uncertain about the benefits of chiropractic services, Dr. Monahan said such care has evolved from the stereotypical notion that some people have.

“A lot of people wonder if they’re going to be x-rayed or put on a weekly plan, and we do get some patients who are hesitant about adjustments. That is not how CMC’s chiropractors operate. We assess each individual and make a plan of management based on their unique case. Sometimes x-rays are necessary but in most cases they are not. Again, it depends on the specific case. When it comes to adjustments, if someone doesn’t want them then that is perfectly okay. We have an entire toolbox of other treatment methods we can use that are a little more gentle but just as effective; cold laser, activator, drop-table, soft tissue, joint mobilizations, acupuncture and most importantly we love prescribing exercises to help patients gain the knowledge they need to prevent future injury.”

If you have any questions or would like to see the clinic first hand, Dr. Monahan encourages you to stop by and say hello in person.

For appointments call 905 634-2225. Or visit them online.


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