How Will Shower Filters For Copper and Chlorine Protect Your Health?


You may have seen water filters for shower heads being heavily advertised recently. Shower filters for copper and chlorine are becoming easier to find. At one time, water filters for shower heads were rarely seen in homes, but today, things have changed.

The notion that a home would need shower filters for copper and chlorine would seem outlandish to some. But, those who have experienced a shower with water contaminated with either would say otherwise. Once you try water filters for shower heads, it’s really hard to go back to unfiltered water.

It is doubtful that anyone would choose to bathe in a swimming pool on a daily basis, or ever at all. Why not? Most people would point out the chlorine content of the pool water. It doesn’t exactly give one that clean feeling you would want from a bath or shower. In fact, it usually will leave you with a burning sensation in your eyes. You would not want to go to work with bloodshot eyes and smelling like you have been swimming all night.

But, if you do not have water filters for shower heads in you home, you may be doing just that. You see, the chlorine content deemed safe for tap water is unsafe to swim in, according to pool experts.

But shower filters for copper AND chlorine? You might wonder what the big deal with copper is. I have never heard of copper poisoning, you say, what is the big deal? It is a good question.

Copper is poisonous, but only in large doses. Much more than you could experience in your shower water. Copper in the water can discolor your pipes, and perhaps laundry you may be doing in your home. The thing with copper is, if the water filters for shower heads in your home can filter copper, than they would also be effective against other harmful substances, particularly lead.

Not many people would ask about the dangers of lead poisoning. Lead in your water will do much more than stain the pipes or your new shorts and, unlike copper, lead can be harmful in much smaller doses.

While lead contamination in water is rare, the occurrence can rise significantly in more urban environments where the infrastructure was built at a time where construction was much less regulated and subject to shady building practices. The dangers of lead poisoning are well documented and the presence of lead can be difficult to detect. You can’t see it or smell it. If you are letting your kids bathe without shower filters for copper and chlorine and you haven’t had your water tested, you could be putting their health and yours at risk.

Shower filters for copper and chlorine together can give valuable piece of mind to anyone concerned about the quality of the water in their house. Knowing that the best water filters for shower heads reduce not only copper and chlorine, but other substances such as lead can only help put any concerned home owner at ease.

While equipping your home with these shower filters for copper and chlorine is a good place to start, anyone concerned about potential dangers in their water should get their water tested. There are many high-quality take-home kits available. Most municipalities will also test you water at no charge, if you suspect a problem. If you do suspect a problem, then chances are you do need water filters for shower heads.

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