Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing Services Franchise Review


Which restroom would you like to use – a bad smelling public toilet or a good smelling and hygienic one? Obviously, you would prefer a good deodorized and clean restroom. However, have you ever thought that who are the people who provide this service? It is the deodorizing service companies, who take up this task and make restrooms free from bad odor. The mission of these companies is to improve sanitary conditions and remove bad odors in restrooms. They do this task by producing, marketing and designing odor counteractive systems. These companies provide their services to healthcare organizations, commercial and industrial industries. Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing Services is one such organization, which provides deodorizing services to many sectors in the U.S. They pride themselves as they provide their services at a very low cost. If you are thinking of becoming a part of their franchise, then this Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing Services Review can help you in making your decision.

Background: The company was founded in the year 1943. However, it was only after the year 1978, when they started franchising their services to people who wanted to invest their money in this sector of the service market.

Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing Services were formerly a part of the West Chemical Products, which installed, manufactured, maintained deodorizing dispensers and air fresheners for restrooms in large and small organizations. They provided their services throughout many areas in the United States.

Overview: Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing Services is one of the quickest growing franchises in the deodorizing service industry. It has made its place in the top ten franchise providers in this sector. Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing Services franchise has become a name, which people can easily recognize. They are one of the best franchise providers in the entire industry, which is dedicated in making clean smelling and sanitized public restrooms.

Advantages: There are many advantages if start this franchise. This business franchise option is wide because you have the scope to operate anywhere, where public bathrooms are present. There are many fields of opportunity when it comes to new clients. You have to just help your clients to keep up an impeccable reputation of their organization by maintaining their hygiene standards. In this way, you will also enjoy by gaining the same reputation for your Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing Services franchise operations. The growth factor can surely be assured if you successfully operate a Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing Services franchise.

Start-up fees and franchise costs:

  • Total Investment to be done initially: $14,800-$44,200
  • Royalty Fee to be paid: 8%
  • Minimum cash required: $3,000
  • Franchise fees to be paid: $6,000
  • Term of Agreement: 5 years
  • Min Net Worth: $25,000
  • Advertising Fees: N/A

This business franchise Review has basic information and figures, which can help you in deciding whether you should or should not invest your money in this franchise sector in the market.

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